Alina Zagitova for Shiseido

Custom red and white outfit designed in collaboration with stylist Corey Ng - @corey_ng - for this beautiful Shiseido campaign.

Emily Kowalik for Dorian Who

Gloves designed and created by Emily Kowalik to compliment the iconic Dorian Who's new clothing collection: RESILIENCE

Her Collection was created in the midst of hardships she was facing as a result of events that happened in her home country Iran. In collaboration with other desginers and artists, a beautiful photoshoot with a strong message was formed.

Sci Fi Chic

Bringing Caprice Conners's - @Capricestylist - clothing vision to life with custom garments made by Emily in sci fi chic fashion.

- lace bodysuit - canvas cloak - pleather hammerpants

Lydia Ainsworth

A series of collaborations between stylist Nilo Akbari - @nilonilo_ - and Emily Kowalik for the costuming of Lydia Ainsworth's music videos.

Diamonds Cutting Diamonds

Feather Transformation Dress by Emily Kowalik