The Designer



Emily Kowalik is a Canadian artist and designer focusing on handmade jewellery and custom clothing. Her creations are inspired by the world around her, the human form, and a slow-fashion philosophy. Her aesthetic is modern and tasteful, classic with an edge. 


All jewellery by Emily Kowalik is handmade by the designer herself, with precious metals including sterling silver, brass, and rose gold. The unique sculptural forms of her first capsule collection: the Undulate Collection, feature elegant forms, with simple clean textures and mirror like surfaces. It is the hope that the wearer appreciates the weight and forms of the jewellery, how the piece feels while worn, as well as the meanings behind each design.


Emily Kowalik also designs custom clothing and accessories. She has created garments for artist Lydia Ainsworth, and the band Three Days Grace. Some of her garments and jewellery have been featured in Elle Canada, Glow Magazine, Ok Okay Magazine.


For custom orders, press, or styling pulls, please contact here.